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Reasons Why You Need To To Through Online Fashion Tutorials

Everyone believes they have their sense of fashion and as long as you understand that fashion is not necessarily about what you wear but how you wear it. Knowing how to blend the items in your closet is a skill that demands time and adequate research. It is essential to note that there are people who purchase designer clothes all the time, but due to one reason or the other, they never look good, and you would never consider them fashionable. The simple question would be, where do such people go wrong question mark? The first thing you need to do before you think about purchasing any clothes is your body type.

You cannot expect that as a size 16, you should be wearing a bodycon or even a crop top. It is over. You will end up looking like you do not know how to dress up your body, but you might not look appealing like slender size eight people would look like. A simple hug would be to go through various fashion sites and establish the simple designs you can wear according to your body type. If you are not in a position to go through this fashion sites or you are and satisfied by what they are recommending, then you could consider a celebrity who shares the body type that you have and look at their pictures on their various social media platforms and then you can either have them tailored for you or you could decide to buy them. Check out these Wardrobe Essentials or see this product for more details.

The truth is that all these celebrities have fashion designers by their side, and even before they can wear anything, not even a simple sandal, they are advised on the same by the fashion designers. For this reason, you will feel the same way the celebrity feels, and you might never miss out on how to dress your body. You also need to consider the season. For instance, during the hot summer season, you might not be advised to wear all those high boots, especially the thigh-high boots. You might not only look confused, but you might end up feeling the discomfort.

An excellent way to rock it during the summer season is to buy all those summer dresses and back it up with cute summer hats. During the winter season, you could always go back to your heavy trench coats. You wear jeans, and sometimes those say hi boots. There is also a need to consider how your body color blends with the different clothes you are wearing. In case you have a dark complexion, for instance, avoid wearing dark shaded garments. You need a brighter fabric to brighten you. You can read more on this here:

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